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WordPress Https: the best professional solution to have your wordpress site in https with a valid SSL TLS certificate .
A dedicated team of professionals for the safety and SEO of websites, shops, e-commerce and WordPress blogs.

Migrate your WordPress website with a valide SSL certificat


    WordPress https security anti piracy

Protect against hackers

With the encryption of the data from your site

WordPress https padlock green trust client

Earn visitors confidence

Display your secure connection to your users

 wordpresse https security seo google alert

Keep your SEO on Google

Prevent your site against the marking “Site not secure”

WordPress HTTPS: secure your site for you, your customers and Google
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WordPress https security anti piracyAnti Hackers

With a WordPress to HTTPS site using an SSL certificate or valid TLS, your site is better secured against 2000 recorded attacks on average per minute.
The HTTPS display guarantees the integrity of your site against the risk of complete forwarding of your domain, or some of your pages. It also protects against inserting Iframe or theft of sensitive data. Learn more about the HTTPS.

WordPress-https-padlock-GreenGive confidence to the visitors

By displaying a green closed padlock and “https” to the left of the address of your site (navigation bar), visitors are informed that your site is secure. It assures your customers that the content of the site is yours and that the data they enter is encrypted.
Conversely a lock open or missing does not guarantee anything!

wordpresse https security seo google alert Improve your SEO

The website that use HTTPS are priviledged by the search engine in search results . The https criteria is part of Google’s algorithms to achieve its ranking, and it become more and more important for them.
Even if some still believe that the impact on SEO is low, Google has already officially announced its decision to display an alert of security for e-commerce (or requiring identification) sites with an invalid HTTPS or HTTPS. The leak of your insured visitors. Learn more about the Google announcement.


Why you should switch website to HTTPS Top 3 reasons

Why you should switch website to HTTPS SSL or TSL certificate

3 Top reasons to switch your wordpress site or other website to https right now: authenticity, search engine optimization, and security.

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google official annoucement mark all http sites as non secure

Google official annoucement mark all http sites as non secure

Google has announced officially on September 8, 2016 obligatory HTTPS for 2017. Decryption of the declaration with alert messages, what are the impacts for your site?

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